Why I love my Delonghi Espresso Machine

I first saw a Delonghi espresso machine at my friend’s place. I am a coffee lover and you will spot me at the local barista every evening after job. The Delonghi espresso machine, I learned, are designed to make great shots of espresso at home. If you are a coffee lover and you like to sip personalized shots of espresso every after a few hours, join me and buy a Delonghi espresso machine. I later came to learn that the espresso machine can be used to make latte, cappuccino and Americanos among other drinks with espresso as an ingredient. For my case, I bought a milk frothier to compliment the Delonghi espresso and have great barista-quality coffee.
Shopping for the Delonghi espresso machine was a daunting task. I found lots of models in the market and choosing one that could really fit my situation was a hard task given that I was just a beginner. The Delonghi espresso machines come in all prices, levels, sizes and designs to satisfy people with different levels of skills and financial abilities. For a start, I bought a low level Delonghi espresso machine. However, I may be buying a high-end espresso machine soon. My buddy at work was telling me the difference between the two machines and though I am satisfied with the current machine, I still long for the high end Delonghi espresso machine. Perhaps the coffee quality and taste will up as my friend puts it.

Though some of the espresso machines use pods, most use ground beans. To allow versatility, I bought one with the two options. My wife and my daughter love the Delonghi espresso machine. Though they do not love coffee as much as I do, they like the fact that it is easy to use and easy to clean. I never regret having bought the Delonghi espresso machine.

15 Years Later, My All Clad Looks New


I have received many anniversary gifts but the All Clad Cookware set I received on my tenth anniversary 15 years ago is the most outstanding. First off, it looks gleaming new and cooks evenly. My kids like the set and my eldest daughter, now married, has acquired her own set. Having grown with the All Clad Cookware stainless steel set, she must have liked it. My daughters and I learned to cook using cookbooks and having used other cookware for some time, it was easy to note the difference. We have been using All Clad Cookware every day for 15 years. Today, the All Clad Cookware has developed small scratches mainly due to frequent washing but there are no dings or dents and the set still looks stronger to survive 15 more years.

I have learned to restore the All Clad Cookware glory especially after discoloration. Boiling it with vinegar and using Barkeeper’s Friend to polish as directed on the manual works wonders. This is required once in a while and not every day. I have also realized that All Clad cookware does not require high heat unless when sautéing or when boiling liquids. By just using medium heat and following the recipe as stipulated, I usually get results as per the recipe.


I use my All Clad cookware on saucepans, for general warming and simmering, for steaming, boiling and for stock and soup. Everyday cooking tasks. My daughter thinks the All Clad cookware set is a real money saver for a starter. Since she was starting her family, she just needed to buy the set and then add other pieces as she needed. I really love All Clad Cookware thanks to its durability, its ability to cook evenly, ease of cleaning, cool handles, versatility and finally ease of use. It is the last cookware I will ever need.

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Still the most popular juicer!


If you are looking for the most popular juicer, then you will agree with me that it is still the Jack Lalanne juicer. Having a husband with high blood pressure who does not really like vegetables, I knew that I had to find a method to prepare vegetables in a way that he would like them. A good friend of ours suggested that we should get a juicer and combine fruits with some vegetables which will make it more palatable for my husband.

So, I started my search for a juicer and found that Jack Lalanne juicer is a very popular juicer. I was impressed by the reviews I read about it, and the price was certainly right. I then set out to purchase our very own Jack Lalanne juicer along with various fruits and vegetables. It was pretty easy to assemble and it came with an excellent owner’s guide. The fact that it comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty was impressive also. I was excited and hopeful that my husband would like the juice I was about to prepare for him.

I was able to find many recipes combining fruits and vegetables. I experimented with apples and added some spinach and cucumbers. When I tasted it, I decided to add a few grapes to make it a little sweeter. When I handed it to my husband and asked him to taste it, I was kind of holding my breath. I did not have to worry as he drank the whole glass and asked if I had any more:)
What I personally like about the Jack Lalanne juicer is how quickly it juices the fruit. Since then we both have learned a lot more recipes that we really enjoy. The components were easy to clean and whatever leftover peels I had, I saved them and later put them on my mulch pile to use for our garden.

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How I Shopped for My Rice Cooker

I really had a hard time trying to locate the best rice cooker in the market due to the many brands that had entered the market. After my rice cooker started fuming and sparking inside, only 6 months after I bought it, I decided this time around I will not rush into buying any rice cooker without equipping myself with enough information.

One Saturday, I decided to visit the kitchen appliances store near my place to just see if I could spot one with the qualities that I was looking for. The store was about half a kilometer from my house. Although it was the same store that I bought my previous rice cooker, I had learned my lesson and this time I was not going to be convinced by the enticing sales persons again.
shrimp rice
It was a big store that was specialized in selling all types and models of kitchen appliances. There were many rice cooker models in the store that I could not easily tell the right one for me. This made me get more confused! And even after approaching one sale person, the best he could tell me was that all the cookers were efficient and up to the task. I didn’t say it but I wanted to tell him, “…hey dude, you are more concerned on making a sale rather than me getting the best rice cooker.” After spending more than an hour in that kitchen appliance store without much success, I decided to try shopping online.

I found the online stores to be very helpful; below any rice cooker, there were reviews from previous clients to help one learn more about each. After going through some, I finally was able to spot the one that had the properties that I needed. Apart from cooking efficiently, a needed a cooker with auto power control, auto cord reel, fused and one that is able to keep the rice warm.

How blender reviews by Jen Altman helped me to get the right one

The other day at a kitty party in one of my friend’s home, she served us yogurt and fruit smoothies. Now we are a rather ‘rowdy’ lot, and prefer having gin and tonic or some wine during the afternoons that we meet, but our friend, whose turn it was to hold the kitty this time, was a health freak and wanted us to drink healthy. With nothing else that could be done that afternoon, we resigned to be healthy for a change and went with the smoothies. Surprise awaited us for it was rather tasty, though when we got to the bottom of our glasses there were fruit chunks that were not blended in. We got talking about blenders, and nearly all of our friends said that blender reviews by Jen Altman was the best site to locate good ones since she offered unbiased opinions about them and selected top models under different categories based on individual requirements.


My friend was embarrassed anyway with the smoothie not turning out well due to her malfunctioning immersion blender. Other than her, two of us were also looking for new ones. I was looking for a handheld one like my friend, and the other friend was looking for a new countertop unit to replace her old one. She felt it was making way too much noise.

The next kitty party was at my house. After the party was over and our other friends had left, we three decided to spend some more time together and look at Jen Altman’s site. It was the ideal site for what we were looking for. It had a guide on how to choose blenders based on individual requirements, and suggested her picks for best countertop blenders, smoothies blenders, handheld blenders, and personal blenders. It also had picks for coffee shop and professional bar blenders.

Jen had also listed a page to pick the best selling blenders. We logged into this page and saw what others had bought. We then went to other sites and read reviews by others for models listed at the top on Jen’s page. Nearly all reviews at various sites seconded Jen’s picks, with people saying that they would recommend them to their friends and family-such was their trust in their choices.

We picked our pieces as suggested in best blender reviews by Jen Altman, and have been using them for more than two months now. The friend who picked up the countertop has never had chunks in her puree or chili since she began using it, and it runs like a song without making the loud noise the earlier one did. My friend turns out real ‘smooth’ smoothies since she bought hers, while I use my immersion for creaming soup whenever I cook soup in the evenings. We couldn’t have found better blenders anywhere else.

Why I Opt for Nespresso Coffee Maker Machines

For quite some time, I have been fishing for the best coffee maker machine both at local and online shop. My dream came true when I came across the best nespresso machine coffee makers. There are various kinds of Nespresso machines including CitiZ and Nespresso U.

Even though CitiZ is not the latest brand from Nespresso, it is still the best Nespresso machine available in the market. It has a 34 ounce water tank in comparison to the U’s tank which is 27 ounces. I was surprised at how much coffee this machine could make. (More options here)

When purchasing, I was worried about the Aeroccino milk frother. Fortunately, CitiZ has an in-built aeroccino frother which can make nice foamy milk for Lattes or hot or cold just by the touch of a button.


Moreover, the Nespresso CitiZ has many compelling features including an adjustable cup tray, programmable coffee volume, 19 bar pressure pump and a capsule drawer. The machine only requires 25 seconds preheat time. This came in handy early in the mornings when I was in a hurry for work.

With its large water reservoir, I didn’t require frequent refilling trips. The machine is design in such a way that the user has an easy time when making coffee drinks. Its appearance is majestic. I must say that once in placed the machine in my kitchen, I couldn’t pass through the kitchen without taking a look at it.

This is so far the cheapest way of making coffee. Why? It doesn’t require any purchase of the Aeropress device which costs about $60.

Final verdict

The machine has a very splendid layout design and it is the best Nespresso machine for coffee lovers at home. It is available in the market from $160. However, if you wish to buy an empresso machine only, go for Pixie or U brands which are not integrated with Aerocinno.